Are you looking for the best magic set for kids? Look no further! In this article we review several different magic sets and show you which one is the best.

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Magic is one of those interests that boast a timeless, nostalgic quality—making it a perfect hobby for family bonding. When you’re looking for creative ways to engage the kids without having to turn to screens or battery-operated toys, a magic kit for kids is well worth the investment.

Be sure to keep the kit’s recommended age and skill level in mind to help boost confidence rather than cause frustration. When kids enter the world of magic, aided by a well-made kit, watch their self-esteem soar as they boldly present their enchantments and amaze their friends and family!





1. Marvin’s Magic – 125 Amazing Magic Tricks for Children

This is our pick for best magic set for kids (for the money).

This magic set for kids offers a great way to engage aspiring magicians with classic stunts such as making a ball disappear in a cup, to impressive street tricks with a very special deck of cards. It comes with an illustrated, kid-friendly instruction manual and is among the most comprehensive, versatile, easy-to-learn sets you can get for your money.

Marvin’s Box of Tricks first launched in 1987 and has been perfecting its craft ever since with the inspiration of Marvin Berglas—a first-class magician and entrepreneur who grew up in one of the most famous and respected magical families. Kids 8 years old and up will have all the props and tools they need with this set along with Marvin’s promise…professional magic made easy!

This particular kit details over 100 tricks and effects to help your child perform magic— helping them develop social skills and confidence as they wow and engage their audience!

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2. Ideal Magic Spectacular Magic Suitcase

This is our pick for best magic set for kids (regardless of cost).

Ideal’s Spectacular Magic Suitcase is a super find on so many levels. It features over 100 tricks specially designed to help younger kids master professional types of illusions and stunts in minutes. What makes this set really stand out as a favorite is its multi-use spectacular suitcase which stores the set when not in use and can be transformed into a performance table!

The suitcase makes the set convenient and useful, while the compilation of different tricks makes it one of the finest magic sets money can buy. Ideal has been offering this kit for years and keeps improving on its product, and reviewers testify how it bolsters confidence in their children as they masterfully gain performance skills and surprise their audiences.




This is our pick for best educational magic set for kids.

National Geographic offers the best magic set for kids because it opens up the magic of science for young children—combining imagination with real science for the best of both worlds! Featuring 20 science experiments, National Geographic’s set teaches kids to try techniques used by real scientists allowing them to bend metal with water or make a coin float. Better yet, each experiment is designed to be performed as a magic trick—white gloves and magician’s wand included!

Kids will harness the power of chemistry and physics as they make color-changing jellyfish and waterproof themselves! This set boasts high educational value as the easy-to-follow instructions provide an exciting insight into the science that creates the magic, loads of fascinating facts, and a bonus experiment guide highlighting 30 additional experiments that can all be done with common household items.

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4. Melissa & Doug Magic in a Snap! Abracadabra Collection

This is our pick for best cheap magic set for kids.

Melissa and Doug is a household name that has been enchanting families for over 30 years and they aim to design toys that encourage hands-on engagement, imaginative play, and rich interaction. Their Abracadabra kit hits all these markers and more!

Kids will learn magic in a fun, easy to understand way as they unpack the 10-piece set of props and tricks. The illustrated guide helps younger children quickly gain mastery of classic tricks that all have a big WOW factor as well!

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5. Ideal My First Magic Show Magic Set

This is our pick for best preschool magic set for kids.

Got a beginner magician in the house who would delight in making coins and candy disappear? Check out the Ideal First Magic Set offered by Alex Toys, who have been creating toys and games for over 100 years. These guys are the masters at putting the fun in learning and their designs emphasize creativity, problem-solving skills, and social development.

Step-by-step instructions are included and make each trick quite easy to learn. You even receive online codes to show your little one some of the videos featuring famous magician Ryan Oakes. Spark the joy of the preschooler in your life with this set that features 25 magic tricks. Hand your child the magic wand prop and watch them giggle as they amaze themselves with their ability to say ABRACADABRA! and make candy appear in the mysterious box.

Ideal My First Magic Show Video Review:



6. Criss Angel MINDFREAK Professional Magic Kit

This is our pick for best magic set for tweens.

Criss Angel is one of the most mesmerizing magicians in history and is sure to impress your older children with this extensive magic kit that boasts a lot of value for the price. The set comes with an exclusive membership to Criss’s Secret Society that includes his expert advice and bonus tricks.

The high-quality props are certain to impress your tween and there are over 400 tricks included with everything from card magic to penetrating a borrowed phone with a coin. They can even learn the basics of levitation from professional magician Criss himself with the video link downloads…so time to gather an audience!

Criss Angel MINDFREAK Professional Magic Kit Video Review:



Questions and Answers

How old should you be to start doing magic tricks?

A number of the magic kits for kids mentioned in this article are appropriate for kids as young as 4. That being said, each kit features a variety of small props and pieces that mean that parents with young children should engage in this activity together to ensure safety and fun.

The magic props and variety of tricks are sure to delight children and adults of all ages, so be encouraged that any age is a great time to get started on exploring magic with kids!


Are magic tricks a good hobby for kids?

The beautiful thing about magic is its allure and how it entices kids to practice, practice, practice until they master a trick. In a very natural way, they pick up on endurance, fine motor skill development, and presentation prowess.

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