Are you looking for the best boogie boards or bodyboards for kids? In this article, we will show you which ones to buy.

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If you’re hitting the beach this summer with kids in tow, be sure to save room next to the cooler and sand buckets for a boogie board or two.

Bodyboarding is often an overlooked option for summer fun because some people assume it may be too expensive or dangerous for children. But a bodyboard is a great investment as it can be passed from child to child as they grow, and because the sport is often close to the shoreline an adult can always be nearby to keep watch.

It may help grow your kid’s confidence when it comes to encountering a wave in the ocean while being an efficient way to use their gross motor skills and get lots of fresh air and exercise. Keep reading to learn about our picks for the best bodyboards for kids this summer.


1. Bo-Toys Body Board Lightweight

This is our pick for best boogie board for kids (for the money).

You can get the Bo-Toys board for a great deal and it comes in 33 or 41 inches. Riders say it feels very compact and versatile making it easy to tote to the ocean and a dream to ride.

This is thanks to its crescent tail, EPS core, and high density polyethylene super slick bottom which make it both light and strong.

This board also features  60/40 rails. What does that mean exactly? Boards typically come in 50/50 or 60/40, and the latter will be turned down with the apex slightly under the middle of the curve of the rail. This makes it ideal for smaller waves and provides excellent stability and maneuverability.

Bo-Toys boards provide a leash with wristband, multiple bright designs with different colors (perfect for keeping a good eye on the kids), and a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied for any reason.

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2. THURSO SURF Quill 42” Bodyboard

This is our pick for best boogie board for kids (regardless of cost).

Reviewers proclaim this is their favorite bodyboard they’ve ever owned. It comes in one size at 42 inches long, and is designed to provide maximum stability and glide —truly one of the easiest and most enjoyable boards to take to the beach.

Overall this board is light as a feather while boasting a rigid EPS core and high density polyethylene slick—a strong and responsive bottom skin that makes for a durable and fast ride.

The crescent tail design is favored among drop knee riders and prone riders! It has a handsome faux-wood surface with a grippy texture but overall spongy feel for maximum comfort.

It includes a coiled leash as well so the kids can enjoy it for many summers to come!

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3. Goplus Super Bodyboard

This is our choice for best cheap boogie board for kids.

The Goplus ranks well for comfort and durability—this one is designed to last, and for the price, it really can’t be beat.

This board features a leash and the HDPE slick bottom and weather-proof EPS core like our other boards, and also a XPE deck on the surface for increased comfort and shock absorption.

The 60/40 rails and rear channels speak to the high quality of the design making it an overall incredibly efficient and lightweight bodyboard for your kids to set sail this summer.

Make sure to check out the quintessential Southern California-inspired designs that transport you straight to a welcome day at the golden coast.



Questions and Answers

What’s the difference between a boogie board and bodyboard?

Time for a short history lesson! Riding the waves on some sort of device is an ocean pastime that dates back centuries to indigenous Polynesians hitting the waves on a short wooden board they dubbed a Paipo.

Fast forward to the 1970s when surfer/engineer Tom Morey figured out how to keep himself afloat with some cleverly curated cuts of foam and newspaper.

Further research and development helped him eventually launch the Boogie Board (the name inspired by the boogie-woogie style of jazz music that he loved) which he eventually sold to a toy company who trademarked the name Boogie Board.

These days, the terms boogie board and bodyboard are often used interchangeably much like a Bandaid to a bandage or a Kleenex to a tissue.

So really the name boogie boards may refer to an amateur, cheaper version of a bodyboard—perfect for kids! But with so many available on the market, there is no shortage of quality and fun when it comes to bodyboarding options for your kids.


Are boogie boards safe?

They are designed for ease of use and maximum safety. However, they are not flotation devices.

The issue with water safety rests on your child’s swimming competence, ability of an adult to monitor them, and mental awareness of what to do with big waves or if they get separated from their board.

Water activity with children requires constant supervision.


Are boogie boards easy to use?

Absolutely! They are a great gateway into wave riding and water sports at the beach. Boards have features such as a short and wide lightweight body design for easy buoyancy and balance, and a leash to prevent them from getting lost.

What’s really great about them is the boards work incredibly well near the shoreline with small waves and can even be used in larger lakes—whereas surfers need a certain height and speed of a wave in order to truly ride it.


What age group are boogie boards for?

Boogie boards begin sizing for children as small as 33 inches tall so technically even a water-savvy toddler can tote a board.

Here are some questions to consider and assess if your child is ready: Does your child show interest in the sport? How comfortable are they in the water? Is there an adult who loves to rides the waves who can serve as a mentor or cheerleader? Is the water warm, or if not—can you invest in a wetsuit for your child?


What size boogie board do I need?

Bodyboards tend to be available in three size ranges: around 32-25 inches long for a beginner boarder or for people under 4 feet tall, next size tends to be 36-39 inches long for someone in the 4 to 5 foot range, and then the boards top out at about 40-43 inches long for more experienced boarders or anyone between 5 and 6 feet tall.

Each board may have their own weight recommendations, so be sure to read up on the product details.


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