Have you ever wanted to show your kids how ants work underground? With an ant farm, you can do that. Here are the best ant farms for kids.

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Yes, it is the year is 2021—and your kids have an art farm on their wish list! Sure, your children can spend their free time playing with apps on their tablet or streaming movies on their smartphones, but what you really want them to watch is their own ant colony traipsing through mazes and tunnels in this retro hobby made fresh again.

Ant farms have come a long way! Today’s farms boast factory-tight sealing and a nutrient-rich gel to equip you with confidence that neither sand nor live ants will escape into your child’s mattress.

Building an ant colony is a unique hobby that serves as a learning tool and an additional pathway to nature. Your kids will be mesmerized by their new favorite pastime, and will discover how pets come in all kinds of shapes and sizes!


1. Light-up Ant Habitat for Kids

This is our pick for best ant farm for kids (for the money).

Bring nature and science indoors with the Light-up Ant Habitat. This company was validated by stem.org as meeting the highest standard of STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) learning.

Your kids will learn the arts of engineering and science by viewing the activity of the original STEM masters of the world—ants!

This farm features lights that make the NASA-engineered blue gel GLOW as the ants are encouraged to work hard and eat the natural food that constitutes the gel.

Included with this set is a coupon to order ants, a learning guide with fun insect facts, a magnifier, and a USB power cable to keep it lit.

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2. Evviva Ant Habitat W/ LED Light

This is our pick for best ant farm for kids (regardless of cost).

This farm stands out from the other gel ant farms with an LED light base that encourages further activity and tunneling by your pet insects.

Evviva boasts a premium blue gel promising that ants live longer, healthier lives which encourages them to dig deeper and more intricate tunnels—and they back this up with a 100% money back guarantee on their farm.

This kit comes with a magnifying glass and an ebook about ant life to really help your kids connect their scientific observations with nature facts.

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3. NAVADEAL Ant Farm Castle 2.0

This is our pick for best cheap ant farm for kids.

The most affordable ant farm on our list is also a CASTLE! The castle has a sleek look that gives it a true 3D effect and makes it excellent for observation.

The Navadeal Ant Castle is pre-filled with a seaweed-based edible blue gel to provide all the nutrition the ants need. It is also cleverly designed with a dining hall that you can safely open and insert little pieces of fruit or bread to interact with the pet ants.

Pipettes and a magnifying glass are included. This kit provides you more autonomy when selecting the right insects for your castle with an ant purchasing recommendation card.

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4. Uncle Milton Giant Ant Farm

This is our pick for best old school ant farm for kids.

Uncle Milton is the original manufacturer of hobby kits for kids, so it’s no surprise that their old school version of an ant farm filled with sand still reigns supreme among hobbyists. Insects thrive as they tunnel through sand, and kids love to observe as the bridges and mountains appear before their eyes!

This kit comes with an online code to order harvester ants.

Designed as a self-locking device, this farm is break resistant and escape proof with easy access to provide food and deliver water to the colony. Your kids may add their own creative touch with the included ant way connector tool to build a cool tunnel system and link multiple ant colonies together.

Uncle Milton Giant Ant Farm Video Review:



Questions and Answers

What are the easiest ants to keep?

The ant farms in this review all provide instructions to properly care for and purchase the appropriate live ants for your environment. Typically carpenter or harvester ants, they will be the easiest ants to keep as the farm was designed with their needs and preferences in mind.


Can you make an ant farm without a queen?

This question has a truly interesting answer! Long story short, hobby ants do not need a queen to do their thing. In fact, the United States Department of Agriculture bans the sale of ant queens.

If a queen ant were to escape into an environment where it isn’t naturally found, it can cause a disruption to the ecosystem. How? When a foreign species invades an environment, there are no natural predators to help achieve balance and proper diversity within the ecosystem. This can result in the wrong kind of ants taking over an area and may cause harm and strain to nature and its resources.

Further, for ant hobbyists, the queen doesn’t make a difference in the ant farm anyways. Ant farms are designed as a short term habitat for learning, observation, and fun. Queens can live a long time and produce thousands of colonies, which an amateur ant farm is not equipped to handle.


Are ant farms cruel?

Ant farms are a humane way of keeping a pet in your home—not much different from a hamster paired with a hamster wheel, a cat with a litter box, or a puppy with a leash and a collar.

With proper care and attention—primarily room temperature, light exposure, and of course food and water— your ant farm can be both a peaceful insect home and a cool, educational part of your family’s life!


Are ant farms safe?

When well maintained, your ant farm is a safe fixture in your home. If you have little children or pets around, they will be curious about the ant farm, so be sure to keep it out of their reach!

Please also pay special attention to maintenance instructions with the gel ant farms to prevent mold.


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