3 BEST Metal Detector for Kids in 2021

A quintessential treasure hunt—there’s nothing quite like it! A common theme of epic adventure movies and endless folklore, treasure hunting can become a pastime for you and your kids too! It’s super simple to equip your children with just what they need for such an adventure—a metal detector! You can take a detector virtually anywhere which is a huge advantage as it keeps your child active and outdoors while they’re at the beach, a campground, play area, a school after hours, or the forest.

If you need any further convincing, consider the educational aspect as children naturally learn what resources exist in their environment. Your child may discover iron ore or even a meteorite! Depending on your location, you may even find your treasure hunter has become a reputable gold digger. This hobby encourages them to use their imagination too as they unearth an old piece of jewelry or coin and consider the origin story of each treasure.


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